Proudly made in South Africa

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    Synthetic Grass Our Synscape IS the MOST realistic, natural looking grass in South Africa...FACT!
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    Natural Grass Organically fertilized Kikuyu and LM direct from the farm. Click here for details
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    Turf Cricket Pitches Turf pitches constructed with our own CSA approved bulli on all levels, schools, clubs, etc...
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    Synthetic Pitches No Cement Slabs. Our way of construction method allows for a more true bounce (Turf) of the ball.
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    Cricket Nets We construct our cricket nets in a very innovative manner, using much less poles.
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    Cricket Bulli(Clay/Turf) Our cricket clay is approved by CSA and is used on 95% of all schools, clubs and stadiums in Gauteng. If you do use any other source, think twice.
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    Pitch Maintenance Ample information, links and more regarding the maintenance on a Turf Cricket Pitch.
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Why Turfscape is the preferred choice?

Turfscape is one of the pioneers of Synthetic Grass in South Africa. We started when the only available grass types were those for Hockey and cricket. (1995) Since then we have become not only the fastest growing Synthetic grass company in South Africa but also the leaders in this industry.

We offer wholesale prices and unmatched quality on all our Synthetic Grass products. Our quality range of Synthetic Grass products offers an un_compromised, natural look and luxury.
We do not compromise the quality of our grass by lessening the density of the grass to be competitive price wise.

Because we are leaders in the Synthetic Grass industry, we display our integrity by using facts to support our products and services and
that's why you MUST read this page before you even start your research on an Synthetic Grass project. It could save you thousands of rands.

Please do NOT get caught with all these Artificial Grass Pet/Dog Cleaning products currently becoming availble. IT DOES NOT WORK. Use normal PineGel mixed with water, and apply with a 1:10 mixing nozzle. Rinse with water. DONE!!!


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Synthetic Grass

You can enjoy your garden every single day of the year with our Artificial lawn because the newest ranges of Synthetic Grass have become a beautiful and practical alternative for gardens. This durable, unique Synthetic Grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden. The newest generation of Synthetic Grass is soft, comfortable and appears naturally real. Many playgrounds have also benefited from our high quality Synthetic Grass. We use both the non-infill type (Synscape) and also the infill type (Syn40). Just make sure that for playgrounds you opt for a dense grass type with a minimum of 35mm. We also cater for our Golf enthusiast by providing a very durable golf grass, in filled with silica sand to control the stimp (speed) of the green. Best of all, you can freely test our Golf Putting Green in any of the Pro Shops country wide.

Please make sure to read through our Articles which contain a lot of information that will help you to get the best product, and service.

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Synthetic Grass Rentals

Contact us for your Synthetic Grass rental needs. We can assist you with small, medium and large areas. Please note that our rental grass might not be the exact sizes you require, and we do NOT allow the Synthetic Grass to be cut in pieces to fit your required sizes. for an event.

Some Recently Completed Synthetic Grass Projects